A Sadistic Obsidian Black Genie


Name: Mr. Popo
Clan: ???? Malkavian or Nosferatu possibly Caitiff or some rarer bloodline
Titles: Sheriff Primogen Malkavian

Appearance: A caracturized racist disney genie short and fat with skin black as obsidian.


Mr. Popo was recruited approximately 3 years ago (some speculate as a desperate measure by the prince to ensure his place as prince) replacing the previous Gangrel sheriff

Mr Popo’s freakish looks and bewildering array of abilities displayed with reckless abandon in Elysium have sent the gossips among the kindred into overdrive. What is he, who is he, why does the prince let him run amok. The answer to one of these at least seems obvious. He maintains ruthless bloody order laughing all the while.
The looks along with his freakish strength and ability to hunt as well as the endorsement by the Prince seems to lend credibility to the theory that he is infact Clan Nosferatu. And yet his sadistic clearly deranged mind shown by his obsession on what he refers to as the “pecking order” and something that drove the previous Gangrel into Frenzy/Rotshrek before he tore himself to pieces lends credibility to the Malkavian theory. Either way his ruthlessness, power and age are not to be trifled with.

Witnessed abilities:
Excessive Potence, Celerity, Fortitude and Madness? Dementation/Auspex


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