A listing on known outstanding and completed boons. Critical to any game of Vampire is knowing who you owe, Critical to any character in Vampire is knowing who owes you.

Each specific boon is its own page, each character should have a page of their boons and debts, current and resolved, this can in turn link here and to the character page. As boons resolve link the boon itself to the “resolved boons” section below, avoid duplicates please. We will brain storm some naming conventions for minor boons to keep it ‘cool’ while managable, only major and life could really have titles such as “The Elysium Boon”, or “The Debt of the Great Fires”

Boon holders:
Katarina’s boons

Katarina’s debts

Resolved boons:

The Elysium Boon

The Teller putting up with my crap – technically mislabeled – Should be “Teller-minor boon-1”

Notes regarding page use – to be taken down once everyone has reviewed/ put in their 2 pennies (I’ll clean up the parts above too while I’m at it)

- Kaos Konfety 9/14/2012 – on quick review and remembering how this stuff works the Display name can be anything we want as long as we keep the WIKI PAGE NAME specific [ [Wiki Page Name | Display Text] ] (spaced added t’ween the [‘s to stop the formatting) – I would suggest something very standard for the wiki page naming “Katarina-1-minorboon” to identify the WIKI PAGE NAME of Katarina’s first boon (that happens to be minor) note that the person OWING this boon to Katarina will not have a separate page, they will link to this one, as long as we keep to strict WIKI PAGE NAMES, the display text can be as colourful as we’d like (within reason) if anyone is wondering what the F*** I’m talking about drop me a private message.
And of course all of this assume we are not fugitives from the Camarilla/on the Red List in the first 30 minutes of play, 5th generation, here I come!


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