It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.
We say we want Happiness, Contentment, Control. To go on forever in a kind of unopposed hedonistic haze.

Well take your blinders off for just a moment, to see that no one in the world should be happy with all of the horrors out there. And it’s not our fault we are living like this of course, countless generations and ideas have created the disposition of this world. But wait, even that is part of the illusion, which we acknowledge and then forget, because it rightly terrifies us. We all live in this empire of illusion.

Everyday of our lives we delude ourselves into thinking paradoxical views that our problems are insurmountable, our lives are important and that we are the heroes of our own story. The truth is somewhere in between the two extremes. No you are not superman, but you aren’t a powerless pawn either.

So behold the truth in all its terrifying glory. You are stuck in a too small fishbowl filled to the brim with bored crazy immortal drama queens, and you might just kill a child trying to get your next fix. After all it isn’t until you are in the thick of things that you really start to feel alive and regain your perspective. Now time slows becomes precious, it doesn’t simply fly by.

So don’t be content, live with anything you’ve got, and when death finally comes can you look back on your life and say you are proud of what you see.

Don’t kid yourself, nothing is forever not even immortality.

Nothing is Forever

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