Katarina Shilot

Masterchef, Traumatized Caitiff


Clan – Caitiff? Gen 15th?

Demeanor – Celebrant/Survivor Nature – Visionary

A short, slightly stocky, late middle aged woman, slightly angular features with graying black hair and deep set laugh lines.

Str – 1 Dex – 2 Stm – 3
Cha – 4 () Man – 2 App – 2
Per- 4 (Insightful) Int – 4 (Creative) Wits – 3

Self Control 4
Conscience 3
Courage 4

Resources – 2 – Income from restaurant, savings
Herd – 2 – regulars and out of towners coming and going late at night grant a +1 to hunting rolls, local connections with butchers also assists with a less palatable alternative
Fame – 1 – Known chef of moderate local repute, maintains a minor cooking website

Fortitude 3

Willpower 7
Humanity 7


  • 15th Generation (-4), Results: Eat Food, Cannot Sire, Cannot Blood Bond, Cannot create or sustain ghouls, Double blood costs for everything except waking, only 6 blood pool available for general use, remaining 4 can only be used to wake, max discipline level 3, sunlight does Lethal damage soakable with STM & Fortitude
  • Phobia – Alleys (-2) (getting jumped specifically, somewhere between Schizophrenia and Paranoia) – Courage roll on encountering (attempting to enter) Difficulty dictated by ST (Well lit, little debris diff 3; Dark, several ambush positions, half opened dumpsters, ajar doors, barely perceivable movement in the darkness diff 9) may also apply to comparable situations otherwise at ST discretion (cluttered dark corridors, debris filled caves, etc)


  • Oracular Ability (3)
  • Medium (2)
  • Blush of health – Breathes, weak heartbeat at a thought, only a slight chill to the skin, Can pass for human baring medical examination (2),
  • Deceptive aura – Appears alive under aura reading (1),
  • Light sleeper – Automatically wake when roused during the day, ignore rules for restricted dice pools due to Humanity (2),
Alertness 2 Craft (cooking) 5 Academics 1
Expression 1 Drive 1 Computers 1
Leadership 2 Etiquette 1 Finance 1
Streetwise 1 Survival 1 Linguistics (English) 1
Empathy 3 Melee 1 Occult 3
Athletics 2 Medicine 1
Dodge 1 Law 1
Subterfuge 1

Boons Owed
Debts Owed


“I was heading home, took the short cut down the back way and got an eerie feeling about halfway down. All the lights died suddenly, I had a bit of a start but let my eyes adjust while trying to get out to the main road just a bit faster. Must have tripped and hit my head? Couldn’t tell you for sure. I woke to a screeching noise in the pitch black, my head pounding and a thin voice (male maybe? like from down a tunnel echoey but right next to me) started talking, explaining plain as day that I was a vampire now and nothing would be the same, explained… the basics? Fire, sunlight, the Beast, the Masque, the Traditions, the Prince, some of the less crazy stories about Caine and the Antediluvians. He wound down after babbling for half the night when I finally realized I hadn’t moved, hadn’t reacted. Hadn’t really even felt anything. But I had, all buried down deeper than I could reach. I focused for a few moments while he paused, looking for the right word or something? I asked him something and I think it put the shock in him that I managed to, hells I’ve since learned these mind whamies are damn had to shake. I ask ‘Why me?’ and it took the breath out of me and left me cross eyed with strain, but still, you gotta know right? Well he paused for a few and said, if anything more dead than before ‘I didn’t choose you, I found you, a tragic mistake and I decided to do my good deed for the year. We all fight the beast in our ways, I’m a sucker for hard luck cases, the ones who shouldn’t make it. The homeless guy locked out in the minus 40 overnight with no coat, the stabbing victim 2 feet from the street lamp light bleeding to death, the ones who are truly screwed but might have a chance with a nudge. You fit the bill prefect. So you don’t owe me a thing for this one, and there won’t be a second.’ and he was gone and by then I could feel the dawn coming, feel that first sleep, so I passed out wherever the hells I was. Turns out it was an unused dumpster in the middle of nowheres miles from where I’d tried to get home a few minutes faster, how I got there I hope to never know. I waited a few days before going into Elysium, set up my apartment with a closet door that locks the wrong way and started looking in earnest for a house near the city cause I’m one nosy landlord visit away from Final Death right now. And then, on the next new moon like my wacked benefactor said I went in to a cheesy goth club vampire bar and well… here we are…"

- How old are you?
46 years old last month, and I guess that is that.

- When were you born? How old were you when you were Embraced? How long have you existed as a vampire? How old do you look? Are you more mature than you seem? Less?

1966, Feb 14th. I was 46 when I was… Embraced (shutters). Is trying to make it sound romantic supposed to make me feel better about it? I’ve been a vampire a few days, just long enough to figure out exactly where I sit in this afterlifes’ pecking order, here’s a hint, it’s not near the top. No, I’m not bitter, frankly it’s hilarious. Can’t get tred further down anyway.
I appear to be in my late 40’s, early 50’s, well fed with a few too many laugh lines.
Mature? I suppose I am, life has been, was, good and I worked hard. I’d never had to fight to get work although for too many years I’ve worked in dumps, but you’ve got to laugh at it. 4 star chef working a pit of a diners for 10 years, ah but how they came for my food.

- What was unique about your childhood?
How did you spend your early years? How were your basic motivations and attitudes forged? Where did you go to school?
Who were your immediate family? What is your clearest childhood memory? Did you go to high school? Did you have a
hometown, or was your family constantly on the move? Did you go to college? Did you run away from home? Did you play
sports? Did any of your childhood friendships last to adulthood?

With my mixed Acadian and Creole background I was dancing to and fro between New Orleans and Quebec City year by year and I tried to take it all in during our visits to the states, the music, the people, but mostly the food. Most of my schooling was in Canada. We were pretty far from rich, but never poor that I know of. My parents were always more grounded than me with my head half in the clouds, not sure where that came from really – I’ve always been a bit odd they tell me. High School…. it happened. I’m sure my experience is not so odd, there ain’t much to tell. College though, the Academie Culinaire was FUN. A bit of freedom and oh gods the food. I put on more than a little weight during my stay here, took up jogging in the early morning to stay trim. It mostly worked. While there I hooked up with some new age mystics, mostly for the cheap pot (everything has a time and place, and that’s college) but I learned a thing or 2. One of them, older guy, couldn’t tell you how old – 60? 30? everyone looks old when you are 18, had an odd air about him, said I had a destiny, that my sight would guide me. He was cute, but tried to get in my pants later that night while I was stoned. He should’ve known I’d see it coming, take 2 shots from a taser to drop a lean older stoner it seems.

Never taken to competitive sport myself, jogging and a bit of tennis (being a chef you need a fitness plan).
I kept in touch with a few people into early middle age but these thing just kinda dry up right? By the time Facebook came along I couldn’t even remember people’s names, so I didn’t bother looking. It was always pretty career first anyway and I never had trouble making new friends.

- What kind of person were you?
Were you a decent person, or were you an asshole? Were you popular? Did you have a family? How did you earn a living?
Did you have any real friends? What kept you going from day to day? Will anyone miss you?

Aside from “alive”? Bolstrus, happy, in love with life? Ya, Embraced… I was doing what I wanted when I wanted and hurting no one on the way. Popular? I guess in a way. I’m pretty sure everyone I knew liked me more of less. Not much family left, dad’s gone senile, he’s in a home and mom’s gone these past 4 years. I’ve got a few cousins scattered around but no one I still keep in touch with. I just got in town 2 weeks ago, my landlord still doesn’t know me on a first name basis and the staff at the restaurant are still terrified of me, seems the last proper chef they had was all fire and screaming.
Miss me? I didn’t go any place hun. I know that’s gonna have to change, and soon. But I got a few more years of playing make believe before I need to… fake my death? Vanish? Damned if I know. Heh, damned…

- What was your first brush with the supernatural?
When did you realize you were being stalked? Did you believe in the occult before your Embrace? When did you first meet
a vampire? Were you afraid? Disbelieving? Angry? What frightened you most?

Well I was in a dark alley, ya stupid I know, GOD do I know. Ok so that’s a tinsy bit of a lie. I’ve been a bit of a closet seer for years, the stoner hippie said something right. I guess right more often than not, know when people are coming, almost never caught by surprise in life. Did seances for company, tarot for co-workers, that sorta thing, maybe coulda made a living at it if I wasn’t so damn good a cook, or if I was better at lying to the people who has some sorrow coming. I think I was actually channeling someones dead auntie once, that didn’t go too well. Called mom and told her I loved her on a whim, she was gone the next day, in her sleep, that sorta thing. Its a bit harder to believe anymore with all this merde right in my face, but maybe there’s something to it.

Came out to Toronto on an impulse, it felt right. Landed work in a nice place within days, owners looking to sell, cheap. I took him up on it. Not sure what went wrong the other night… 6th sense got blind sided I guess? The second sight doesn’t work with the dead? Worse idea, this was “supposed to happen”… Na, I’m sticking with ‘I fucked up’.

I’m still not sure if my “Embrace” was on purpose, was I just a snack gone wrong? a joke? a mad impulse?

“First Meet”, hmm, well let us see, there was my sire, but I didn’t really “meet” them. My benefactor, but I didn’t really “meet” them (assuming they were a vamp) so I suppose it was the fang at Elysium who looked surprised as the hells when I walked up and asked to speak with the prince. Apparently I come off, even to enhanced senses, as a mortal. Lucky me. Was I scared? Are you stupid? Am I angry? Are you stupid?

What scared me most? I wish I could say it was something crazy about being a vamp, the distance from humanity, the cold stares from my new ‘family’, this broiling hunger, the blinding endless hate from the sun, but its sad really… food tastes funny now, I have trouble tasting cause every drop that goes down comes up. Eternity without butter…
I’m kidding, that stuff will kill you.

- How did the Embrace change you?
How did your sire catch you? Was the Embrace painful? Did you get a kinky pleasure out of it? Did the Hunger tear at you?
Did it frighten you? Did it feel right? Are you grateful to your sire? Do you want to kill him for what he did to you?

Well I guess I’m a vampire now… does that count as change you smart ass? Oh, I can’t go within 10 feet of a dark alley anymore, so whatever they did to me the other night left a bad mark. Not sure how they got me, I blacked out, or blocked it out. I woke up pretty damn full apparently, no idea how or why, maybe the mystery voice dropped me a snack? Grateful… ya. I get to live forever a vampire cripple overshadowed by giants I can literally never be better than with a personal passion for food that disgusts them. Grateful.
Kill him? There’s a thought, now what exactly would that accomplish? Drag his ass over the coals with the local Vamp authorities MAYBE. Kill, no.

- Who was your sire, and how did he treat you?
What do you know of your sire? Was he abusive, arrogant, cryptic or open? Why do you think he chose you? Did you even
know your sire at all? How long did you stay with your sire? Did he teach you anything at all? How long was your
“apprenticeship”? Where did you stay? Where did you go? Did you meet any other vampires during that time? Do you judge
other vampires in general by your opinion of your sire? When did he teach you the Traditions?

No clue who ‘made me’, nobody in town is fessin’ up and I don’t expect ‘em to, ‘parently making vampires in back alleys is frowned upon.
My apprenticeship? um, if you count the disembodied voice it was about who the hell knows? Felt like hours, most of one night maybe? but that doesn’t make any sense. I was only outta commision for one day and it was damn near 2 in the morning when I blacked out…

- Were you presented to the prince?
Did the prince welcome you? Was she reluctant to accept you? Did she need to be bribed or threatened? Did your sire have
permission to create you? Are you on the run from the prince? What do you think her opinion of you is?

My presentation? hehe… well ya see, funny story about that

- How did you meet the others in your coterie?
Were you brought together by chance or design? Are you all of one sect? Are you united in purpose and attitude? How long
have you been together in the city? Did you know any of the others before the Embrace? Are your sires in cooperation, or
are they rivals? What holds your coterie together when things get their worst?

You mean Reuben? He seems to be the only sorry sod even close to my league around here. At least people seem to be scared of him rather than well… whatever I’ve got going on. He’s from some horror show clan they tell me. Bends flesh and bone like putty. Why the hell are they scared of that with all the mind tricks, throwing cars and faster than sight? From what I can tell he’s got the dullest fangs in this nest of vipers. He’s an artist for gods sakes. Ok second dullest fangs * bows *.
Anastasia? Really? um, she seems to be more willing than the rest of the old bloods to give me the time of night. she’s been talking about getting me a better job and a haven where no one other than me has the keys. She seems legit. But if I was 100 and whatever I’m pretty sure I’d a figured out all the smooth lines too. Still, if she can keep me in a kitchen and let me do my thing, whatever.
Brought together by design… Why would you ask that? hmm…

- Where did your haven?
Where do you hide during the day? Do you have a permanent home at all? Do you stay in the place you inhabited in your
mortal life? Do you hide in an abandoned building? The sewers? Do you have anyone to protect you during the day?

In my north facing apartment, on the ground floor, in a closet. Yes I’m looking for something else, no, I’ve got no one covering my back, you volunteering? Thought so. It’s only a few blocks from Elysium though, so that convenient, for now, I hope. Maybe a small house well out of town proper for later.
The sewers were tempting, till I met a Sewer Rat, that’s capitalized for a reason. They can keep it.

- Do you retain any connections to your mortal life?
Are you presumed dead? Do you still watch over relatives from afar? Do you pretend to be still alive? Did you abandon your
mortal existence entirely?

I have a job, a car, insurance, a SIN. I barely have to try to seem alive. Hells, even vampires have trouble telling I’m not mortal. I got the impression I shouldn’t go in for surgery but anything short and I’m good. Now I just need to get some nice formal papers about an allergy to the sun and I can keep it up for… I don’t know.

- What are your habitual feeding grounds?
Whom do you feed upon, and where? Do you have a territory that you consider exclusively yours? Is your favorite hunting
ground used by others? Do you compete with others? What is your preferred prey? Do you ever kill when you feed? Do you
have a specific herd? Do you seduce your prey? Kidnap them? Assault them on the street? Do they come to you?

I don’t really have habits yet, but a cook for a good restaurant can get blood in volume cheap and easy. Not human blood, cow and pig mostly. I tastes like you’d imagine. I’ve also managed to get a couple patrons who has a bit too much and ‘see them home’. It’s easy as hells as long as you don’t think much about it. No one has died yet. but anyone can see, over a long enough unlife somethings gonna fuck it up.

- What motivates you?
Do you seek revenge on any enemies? Do you long to return to your mortal life? Do you have ambitions in Kindred society?
If you could achieve anything in the world, what would it be?

Enemies? Like I need enemies right now.
If this is all a nightmare and I wake up in bed to the sun in the window tomorrow I could not be happier. I didn’t think so.
Ambitions… lets see… get enough respect from the locals that if someone kills me in plain sight they might get punished. That would be nice. I’m pretty sure I’m alive right now because killing me isn’t worth the hassle of disposing of the body.
I don’t know what I most want. I hear wings coming, a storm is brewing here. Shelter maybe?

Katarina Shilot

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